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Buganda Tourism

Welcome to Buganda Tourism, the most up to date resource to help you explore the Buganda Kindom, one of the few remaining monarchies in Africa. We are proud to present the Buganda Kingdom to the world; our nature, people, heritage, and wildlife. Let us treat you to a royal experience which makes us a unique living rich culture with music, dances, food and health varieties, life style and architecture.

Where to Go

There are several inspiration unique attractions and tourism sites you can you on a Uganda safari through the central region. Find unique, traditional, cutting edge, refreshing, imaginative and surprising things to do see in Buganda Kingdom… Whatever you’re looking for there are so many places with interesting history, natural beauty and things to learn. Here are some of the best tourist attractions, from cultural sightseeing highlights to expert recommendations. Find out the best historical tourist sites, ecotourism sites and cultural heritage sites.

Buganda Heritage

Want to know a secret about Buganda Kingdom? Buganda Kingdom is packed with great heritage sites that include historic monuments, royal palaces and some of the interesting museums in Buganda.

Visit the Kabaka’s Palace, Kasubi Tombs, Wamala Tombs and more religious sites like Lubaga Cathedral, Namirembe Cathedral, Old Kampala and more in Buganda Kingdom.

Culture and People

The Kingdom of Buganda lies among the top most regions deep in culture. Our culture extends far back in the 16th century implying a great deal of years of civilization in the kingdom.

Even though cultures differ, we strongly believe that ours is the easiest to adapt to. Find more about our culture below and feel comfortable when you reach here.

Natural Wonders

Explore Buganda’s iconic landscapes – areas of great beauty and history. Find out the best natural attractions including water falls, areas with great flora and fauna, murky caves, rocks, islands bristling with extraordinary geological structures and more.

At the end of the tour of these amazing sites, you will be convinced that indeed Buganda is the heart of Uganda!

Buganda Kingdom

Buganda Kingdom is located in central Uganda occupying the districts in Central Uganda including Kampala, Entebbe, Wakiso, Mukono, Mityana, Sembabule, Rakai, Masaka, Luwero, Kalangagala, Mubende and Mpigi. It’s the most active and vigilant kingdom today led by a supreme King locally known as the Kabaka. Currently, Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II is the reigning king who was crowned king in 1993 when the Ugandan president His Excellency Y.K Museveni reinstated kingdoms that had been abolished in 1966 by the then president Apollo Milton Obote.

The people in Buganda kingdom are called the Baganda and speak the Luganda language, the most widely spoken language in Uganda. The kingdom is divided into smaller organized groups of people with same totem and trace from the same ancestral lineage called clans. There are over 52 clans in Buganda kingdom each with a clan leader called Owakasolya. However among the clans, the Abalangira clan is very special because it’s where the kings of Buganda come from. The Kabaka has unquestionable power and he is free to marry from any clan and everything in Buganda is believed to belong to the Kabaka

Initially, the Kabaka ruled with a council of loyal chief elders known as the Bataka who were later replaced by a council of loyal members called the Lukiko. The Kabaka has palaces in most clan regions and he is free to have a night in any palace of his choice. The capital of the kingdom is in Mengo hill and here the Kabaka has a mega palace (Olubiri) and a parliament at Bulange where Lukiko seats.