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A Road Trip Through Buganda Region

A Road Trip Through Buganda Region


Thinking of a self-drive in Buganda kingdom but still afraid that it might not work out the expected way? For tours in Buganda are never a fail, whether self-driven or chauffeur driven, they all offer stunning experiences that cannot be got anyway else in any region of Uganda.

The five kingdoms of Uganda were restored in 1993 when the current president, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni restated them after abolishment in 1967 by Obote, Uganda’s president by then. Till date, they are only five reigning kingdoms in Uganda; Buganda, Bunyoro-Kitara, Busoga, Tooro and Ankole.

Located in the central region of the country, Buganda kingdom is the largest traditional kingdom covering eleven districts including Uganda’s capital Kampala. It also comprises of Wakiso, Mukono, Mityana, Ssembabule, Rakai, Masaka, Luwero, Kalangala, Mubende and Mpigi.

Buganda is a home to several unique places with interesting history, natural beauty and many things to see, do and learn, there is simply a lot to do though travelers are mostly bothered by choosing which means to best spend their time.

And a self-drive in this region still surely offer the best road trip Uganda experiences, as it gives travelers the liberty to travel at their own convenience, freedom and pace without any pressure from the driver guides of where to stop and for how long.

Road tripping in Uganda is obviously the best way to explore Buganda’s imaginative, refreshing, traditional and cutting edge attractions. Yes, the short tours in Kampala that travelers have on chauffeur driven options were good, and the experience was simply unimaginable. But what about driving in eleven districts of Uganda with all the right to travel at your convenience.

With all the eleven districts that make up this region, Kampala and Wakiso are the most visited with incredible attractions. While in Kampala city, drive through the chaotic traffic jam in the central, viewing the hustling vendors that fill up the streets of the city, local markets like Nakasero and Owino markets, Gaddafi mosque plus many others.

Still a cultural trip in Kampala takes visitors to the Uganda museum to have sights of Uganda’s history and where fossils are kept. Also tour the Namugongo martyrs’ shrine where the Uganda martyrs were slaughtered from. Never miss out a drive to the Bahai temple, the largest of its kind in Africa. The Kasubi tombs (though currently still under renovation and closed to visitors), the royal mile, the king’s royal palace, Kabaka’s lake and much more.

Drive through the land of Wakiso, the great district of Buganda, and home to the sole airport of Uganda; Entebbe international airport. Entebbe is the most visited town in this district with the largest number of attractions. One of Uganda’s few forests located in the middle of cities; Ziika forest is situated in Entebbe, the Reptile village, Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre (UWEC) the only zoo in Uganda and numerous beaches staged at the shores of Lake Victoria for relaxation.

Driving on Kampala-Masaka road exposes self-drivers to the equator, a point where the world divides into two hemispheres. Have a stop over here for the water experiment and also take as many photos as desired to share on the digital Medias. For birders, still this is the most appropriate route because it also leads to Mabamba bay wetland in Mpigi, an important birding area in Uganda, making Buganda a bird watching destination.

Kalangala is another commonly visited district in Buganda, though not on a self-drive as it involves ferry crossing to the numerous islands on Lake Victoria. However for adventure travelers who are not stopped by anything still tour the adventures of Kalangala especially Ssese islands. These islands offer one of the best relaxation experiences one can ever get in Uganda.

Though other districts like Luwero, Mubende, Ssembabule and others don’t have many attractions to catch the traveler’s attention, still a self-driven road trip can never go wrong here since visitors reserve all the rights on where and when to stop, and for how long.

Note that good accommodation facilities are spread all over this region, with the best hotels and lodges in Kampala and Entebbe. And Kampala being in the center of the Kingdom, it is very possible for travels to tour Buganda as they return back to Kampala for a night stay.

For any modern short trip in Uganda, it should be a road trip in Buganda region, the heart of Uganda. A trip that will expose you to Uganda’s heritage sites and the beautiful yet scary history of the country.

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