Established by the Buganda government, the ministry of tourism is one of the highly accredited ministries in the kingdom. Its major aim is to restore the heritage of the kingdom through renovating (to international standards), re-organizing and selling the cultural tourism sites and other tourists attractions.

Owek. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, minister of state for tourism, Buganda government.

The Kingdom of Buganda harbours one of the best tourist attractions in Africa; ancient tombs, palaces, caves and wondrous natural attractions. This is the land with the most exciting people, hospitable, with humility and well mannered. We urge the natives and all people around the world to come and have a wonderful moment touring the land.

The kingdom places tourism to the forefront with the aim of ‘re-selling’ the ganda culture and thus;

  • Create opportunities
  • Evaluate and improve the performance of tourism
  • Identify the Gaps and find means of resolving (filling) them
  • Restore and uplift the heritage of Buganda
  • Restore and conserve cultural values among the natives and thus make them like their culture
  • Attract investment in tourism
  • Plot the strategic direction
  • Share ideas

Transforming Buganda Tourism into the kingdom’s major economic sector in five years.


Developing the best cultural experience in Africa.

The ministry packages Buganda’s nature, heritage and wildlife for all visitors and tourists. These cover music, dances, food, life style and architecture.

All efforts are aimed at creating a centre of tourism excellence in Africa by the year 2015.


The ministry works hand–in–hand with other institutions and non-governmental organizations to uplift tourism in the kingdom through sensitizing and creating awareness among the public at large.