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With the inundation of Bujagali Falls after the construction of the hydro electricity falls, Kalagala Falls, 28km to the north, has become an alternative tourism hub on the Nile.

Its stunning setting, with three major rapids pouring between the riverbanks and two large, midriver islands. The western bank, though denuded of trees, has been protected from development by Kalagala Falls Forest Reserve.

The rafting company, Adrift, has secured a concession to develop tourism facilities on the site and visitors can expect to be presented with an extensive menu of watersports including jet boating, rafting and river surfing as well as gentle cruises in search of birds and otters.

Kalagala is also a prominent Baganda cultural site, a massive tree beneath which visiting kabakas sat stands on a promontory above the river while a shrine, still of consideration importance to traditionalists, is found with a jumble of massive riverside boulders.

Kalagala Falls is popular for the unique safari activity of White water rafting that is enjoyed by travelers while on a Uganda safari.

White water Rafting can be categorized into two , Half Day Rafting and Full Day Rafting .