Bulange Building (Parliament) tour

This is the traditional seat of the Buganda Parliament standing on the south side of Natete road. It is one of the most impressive colonial era building in Uganda. Expect to hear the history of the Kingdom, see the exotic giant tortoises dawdling around the gardens of impressive blue building.

The Itinerary

Visiting Bulange
The guided visit to Bulange will cover the Lukiiko Hall, the gardens and monuments and the Central Broadcasting Station (CBS). The Guide will recount the history and importance of Bulange.

Front view of ‘Bulange,’ the parliamentary building

Inside Bulange, expect to visit the offices of the Central Broadcasting Service (CBS), ministries’ offices including the Katikiro (Prime minister) of Buganda.

Around Bulange
Around the gardens of the impressive blue building, expect to see the exotic giant tortoises dawdling. Here, you will be told the history of the kingdom, learn about both the ‘breath-taking’ and amazing facts of the kingdom.