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Located just 5km north-west of Kampala are the Kasubi Tombs, a UNESCO world heritage site. Most Kampala city tours cannot end without visiting the Kasubi Tombs! The tombs can be accessed on both organized tours and self guided tours.

If you are an independent traveler, you just need a map and hit the road. The tombs are located along the Hoima road in a small town called Kasubi.  There is proper signage directing you to the tombs.

The Kasubi Tombs are the burial place of the late kings of Buganda called Kabaka! These are Ssekabaka Mutesa I, Ssekabaka Daniel Basamula Mwanga who ordered the killing of the Uganda Martyrs, Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa and Ssekabaka Edward Walugembe Mutesa II, the first president of Uagnda.

Kasubi was a historical site was once the place of Buganda Kingdom. Muzibuazaala-Mpanga is a magnificent round thatched building 14 metres in diameter.