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Tips to Rent a 4×4 Car at best prices

Tips to Rent a 4×4 Car at best prices


Travelling to some regions especially those that you are unfamiliar with can be difficult especially if the terrains are tough. However, this problem can be solved easily by hiring a 4×4 car especially if you are travelling with a team.

Are you looking to exploring the remote side of Uganda? Renting a car in Uganda proves to be the cheapest way to explore Buganda but it doesn’t have to blow your budget. With public transportation being almost non-functional outside of the larger cities, renting a car gives you the freedom at a fraction of the cost when compared to the organized sightseeing tours sold by tour operators. With most of Uganda’s popular places being in rural areas, 4×4 Uganda car hire is important especially if you want to drive off-road compared to city streets.

Below are some few tips to help you hire a 4×4 car cheaply:

Fuel type:

Fuel is a little bit expensive in Africa. Different 4×4 cars normally use either diesel or petrol. If you want to spend less on gas, then it would be advisable to choose a diesel engine as this is normally cheaper especially if you are supposed to return the car on a full tank. There is a notable cost difference between one litre of diesel and that of petrol and this could affect your budget significantly. Please do not ignore it – try it out and see the results!

Fuel economy:

Different 4×4 car models are designed with different fuel economy capacities. For example, you will find one car that consumes 1 litre per 7 kilometres while another one consumes the same amount of fuel for every 8km. This is an important consideration to keep in mind when renting your car. Please note that different cars are required for different purposes. Make sure that you choose the right car that will suit your travel purpose.

Rent online:

In the past, it was not easy to find car hire deals of most African countries on the internet. However, a lot has changed and there are many good offers from different car rental agencies. Hiring your car online helps you save more money especially if you do it early enough. Take advantage of the significant discounts offered by well established car rental companies. Some companies that we found out to offer good deals include Car Rental Uganda, 4×4 Uganda, Car Hire Uganda, Auto Rental Uganda, Self Drive Uganda, Road Trip Uganda and more.
You should also look for any extras that will help make your trip convenient and enjoyable. If you are out for camping, consider whether the 4×4 car hire company offers camping equipments and such items. Extras like GPS will also help you save money on your travels given that you can easily find directions to preffered destinations that you would like to visit.

Seat numbers.

Please find out the maximum number of passengers the 4×4 can carry. Many travelers do not pay attention to the number of seats. The rule of thumb is that for safari goers, evry traveler should have a window seat. Also note that seat numbers goes hand in hand with the luggage space available in a car. Different car sizes have different spaces. The choice is yours.

We wish you a Memorable Trip through Uganda

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