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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Car in Uganda

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Car in Uganda


Car rental services have become more vibrant due to the increasing trend of travelers option for self drive safaris in Uganda. Travelers are now interested in hiring rental cars to explore the different tourism destinations on road trips of their own. Self drive holidays are so interesting but can be very costly if you are reckless! Therefore if you are planning to drive through Uganda, you should be curious and extra careful! The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) does not endorse first time travelers to Uganda to do self drive holidays because of the rough roads.

There are mistakes that can make you incur more expenses than the tag price given to while reserving the rental car. These are some of the car rental mistakes that can cost you money on your Uganda holiday to look out for;

  1. Not checking for the scratches and dents on the car before setting off for your journey. At times the dents and scratches might not be caused by the client while on his/her trip in that they originally existed on the car before setting off the journey.  But in the end the client ends up paying for those dents and scratches just for one mistake of not checking or inspecting the rental car before setting his/her journey. As a client you should always inspect the rental car before setting off for your road trip so that you do not get trapped with the scratches and dents that may have existed even before you used the car.
  2. The fuel return trap: There is always some capacity of fuel that is quarter, half or full tank in the rental car that the car rental company provides as you set off for your trip. This fuel helps you to kick start your journey. When you bring the car this fuel has to be returned with and in case you fail to do so, you are likely to pay a premium fine for not complying with the car rental agreement.
  3. Return time: As you make an agreement with the car rental company, there is always that time agreed on to return the car. If you do not return the car in the due time and then you have to pay an extra day or time exceeded with a fine which costs lots of money. So you should always return the car in time if there is any delays, please communicate with the rental company promptly.
  4. Not returning the car cleaned up: Rental cars are always given to clients by the rental companies when clean. It is very rare for the car rental company to give its car when not clean and you are supposed to return this car clean. Nonetheless, some clients do not do so and end paying a fine for not cleaning up the car which makes them incur more costs.
  5. Not paying the road tolls and offense fees: In case you do not pay the road tolls and offence fees accumulated by you while using the rental car and it is more likely to cost you a hefty amount of money when the rental company gets to know about your deeds. It is best for you to pay them to the authorities as to avoid a double from the rental company.
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