The name Kabaka is the title given to the King of Buganda Kingdom-which is one of the most popular Kingdoms in Uganda and Africa as a whole that has existed from the 13th Century.  This Kingdom has so much to offer to tourists interested in enjoying a cultural experience while on a Ugandan Safari. The must-enjoy is the Kabaka’s trail that entails a series of fascinating cultural sites, within at least the radius of 50 kilometers from Kampala yet allow tourists to learn and understand more about the interesting and painful history of Buganda Kingdom on its journey. This trail is a one of a kind and provides tourists with an exceptional expedition through Buganda Kingdom’s wide heritage, shaped by the regions Kings and ancestors. Most interestingly, this cultural experience offers tourists with the golden chance of learning some of the hidden and forgotten history of the Kingdom, in addition to experiencing an authentic traditional culture, dance, music, spiritual healing, folklore, interesting songs, learning about the moral values of the Baganda, use of traditional herbs/medicines which is very common among the Baganda and the traditional processes of preparing their mouth-watering traditional foods/dishes among other riveting activities. The magnificent Kabaka’s trail involves exploring main cultural sites that are all within the easy/convenient reach of Kampala-Uganda’s Capital City. These spectacular Sites include;

The Kasubi Tombs located on Kasubi Hill, at about 5 kilometers from the City Center and is the burial ground of four former Kings of Buganda that include Kabaka Mutesa I (born in 1835, crowned in 1856 and died 1884), Kabaka Mwanga II (1867 to 1903), who died in exile on the Seychelles Islands and his remains were returned in 1910, Kabaka Daudi Chwa II (born in 1896, took over the throne in 1897 at one year old and died in 1939) and Kabaka Sir Edward Mutesa II (1924 to 1969, died in exile in London and body was returned in 1971 and was father to the Current Kabaka.

Naggalabi-Buddo Coronation Site found on Naggalabi-Buddo Hill about 30 minutes drive from the City Center, where the Kings of Buganda are coroneted from and has existed from over 800 years.  The different outstanding features to look out for include the Buganda house where the Crowned Prince spends nine days after being crowned as King and the Mbonelede Tree, one of the oldest trees in the Ki9ngdom and was always used by Kintu as a Court.

Katareke Prison Ditch found in Buddo on Masaka main road after the Nsangi by-pass and is the most interesting site full of history. This site is where Kabaka Kalema prepared a Ditch for his siblings because he feared they would overthrow him. Some of the victims who tried escaping where either killed or bitten by snakes.

Wamala Royal Tombs is another fascinating site worth visiting and is just 30 minutes drive from the City Center, along the Kampala-Hoima road. This Site is the resting place for Kabaka Suuna II (29th Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom).

Nnamasole Kanyange Tombs is where the Queen mother of Kabaka Suuna II was buried and is known as the link between Mother and the son forever. It is not very far from the Wamala Royal Tombs. It is believed that King Suuna II was always afraid of parting away from his mother, while others believe that he always wanted to keep an eye on her which is why the Tombs are close to each other. This Queen mother was a very pretty and influential person to the Royal Court.

Nnamasole Baagalayaze Tombs is the resting place of the mother of Kabaka Mwanga II who passed away in 1916. This site is a place of hope, celebration and learning.

Sezibwa falls found along Kampala-Jinja road where locals visit to perform rituals and ask for blessings from their ancestors. Mostly importantly, it was one of the Kings’ favorite sites for conducting meetings and some of the Kings even planted trees at the Site including the current King- Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II who planted a tree at the site in 2002.

In conclusion, if you desire to take a Uganda tour and you would like to explore the rich cultural attractions and traditions in Buganda Kingdom, just try to explore the Kabaka’s trail and you will enjoy more than what you ever imagined. The sites to be visited include the Sezibwa falls, Naggalabi-Buddo Coronation Site the Nnamasole Baagalayaze Tombs, the Nnamasole Kanyange Tombs, the Wamala Royal Tombs, the Katareke Prison Ditch and the Kasubi Tombs.