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The Mysterious Mirembe Floating Island

The Mysterious Mirembe Floating Island


Have you ever heard of the floating Mirembe Island in Uganda? If yes, then you might be familiar with this phenomenal feature but if not, then you will be amazed after discovering more about this mysterious natural wonder. This Island is found within Lake Victoria and made headlines in the media in 2015 (February) and has been trending ever since with numerous tourists interested in exploring the huge landmass that floats off the verdant pier of Luzira (Port Bell).

The continuous movement of this island has fascinated and captured the attention of locals and tourists alike with frequent sightings registered in places like Ggaba landing site, Munyonyo, Luzira and Bukasa Bay with all of them spanning for about 6 months. Some of the fishermen with Ggaba landing site pointed that the Island settled at Port Bell (Luzira) at about 2.5 kilometers away from the usual place. This floating Island covers an estimated 20 acres and is believed to have broken away from the main landmass some months before February 2015 and began floating in the areas of Munyonyo and Bukasa Bay and has since moved along the shores to its present day location.

From a distance, you will see some banana plants amidst the towering grasses but no hills within the Island. Although witchcraft and superstitions have been used to explain the floating Mirembe Island, there is a geographical explanation to it. When you visit the Island, you will come across a burnt out fireplace before which was a mat made from backcloth. Not only that, there is a spear that always stands vertically having been forced into the ground.

This is because there are always superstitions and mysteries that surround magical attractions in Uganda including the floating Mirembe Island. Witch doctors sometimes visit the place to conduct some rituals on the Island. Many locals fear destroying the witch doctor’s charms because of fear of supernatural backlash. Nonetheless, locals still stay at the site even with the ongoing superstitions that surround it.

During time of moving, you will notice that the shores are marked by limps of eroded mud and clusters of grass roots uprooted in the process of moving. When you visit the Island, you will also see clean gardens of maize, beans and cassava as well as banana plantations that share the space with the verdant vegetation. Aquatic birds such as pelicans, African fish eagles and the grey crowned cranes also occupy the wetland vegetation.

Although Mirembe Island is often seen as a great threat on the navigation between the East African countries and Uganda connections through water, and it is undeniable that this Island is a natural hidden jewel worth adding on the bucket list of must-visit tourist attractions during Uganda Safaris. When it finally settles at Port Bell, most ferries and boats at the pier are not allowed to leave and incoming vessels have to change direction to easily access the docking area. At the time it was moving, the National Environment Management Authority warned locals not to cultivate on the Island because it is a great rick to their lives hence warned to stay off this mysterious Island.

In conclusion, the Pearl of Africa is a destination full of mysteries worth discovering by tourists taking safaris in Uganda. There is nothing as scaring and interesting as a floating Island hence add Mirembe Island on your bucket list to blow your mind with this phenomenal attraction.

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