Ndere troupe was set up with two major goals. These goals included restoring the dignity and the integrity in music and dance in Uganda.  This was done successfully and when you visit the center, according to your wish any dance you want to  be performed to you will be done on order. This was purely belonging to the Ugandan and African of Origin. In this regard, it was intended to raise the status of Ugandan indigenous   music and dance. There was a great loss of cultural pride and of which this cultural pride was a disaster which led to the loss of self confidence and personal worthiness. The setting up of this main goal was to ensure that the pride and dignity could be rekindled through a dignified and an artistically beautified cultural activities.

Secondly, this center was opened with the view of looking at the disadvantaged boys and girls. Therefore was need to organise boys and girls who had similar talents to mine and ensure that, rather than begging and moaning, they could utilise their talent capital to self actualization. There was need to ensure the main goals that pride and dignity could be rekindled through dignified and artistically beautified cultural activities.

Ndere troop was started under a  mango tree when a choirmaster and his students agreed to create a performing group that would “change the terrible image painted by colonialists that traditional dances were evil and that whoever performed them could never see eye to eye with God.”This was in 1984. The group agreed to name themselves the Ndere  Troupe, since it was Stephen’s talent as a flute player that had saved and educated him. The flute was also perceived as the most unifying musical instrument, since it existed in every culture of the world. The group wanted to demonstrate to Ugandans (and the world) who had been engulfed in tribal wars for centuries that we all can share common beauty which already exists in our diverse cultures. Music was decided to use music, dance and drama for other public education reasons. The demand for the efficient dissemination of applied knowledge in different crucial fields was overwhelming. In 1997 the Troupe facilitated the creation of the Uganda Development Theatre Association.