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What You Missed at 2017 Buganda Tourism Expo

What You Missed at 2017 Buganda Tourism Expo


Due to the rich cultural background within Buganda Kingdom, the initiative of the Annual Buganda Tourism Expo was introduced to display the rich cultures and heritage within the Kingdom. These include some of the Kingdom’s Royal Regalia, The Sezibwa waterfalls, the Wamala Royal Tombs, Kasubi Royal Tombs where four of the former Kings were laid to rest, The Naggalabi Coronation Site, traditional foods such as Luwombo, the historical Bulange Palace and invigorating traditional dances that make up the vibrant tourism sector of Buganda Kingdom.

Therefore, anyone that didn’t attend the 2017 Buganda Tourism Expo missed one of the most unforgettable moments in Uganda’s cultural tourism. The Event took place from 29th August to 3rd September 2017 within Lubiri ground. Some of the items showcased include numerous drums used for performing several cultural and traditional activities of Buganda Kingdom, several cars that belonged to Ssekabaka (late King) Mutesa II, showcasing of the different Clans in Buganda Kingdom, the first hoes used by the Baganda before the coming of Europeans and is joined by other foreign exhibitors from other tribes and Kingdoms in Uganda and the neighboring countries especially Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya not forgetting the numerous Foreign embassies in Uganda. For someone to take part in the Expo as an exhibitor, he or she has to first register and pay some little money to the Buganda Tourism offices. Not only that, the visitors are required to pay a fee to be allowed to enjoy the cultural exhibition. Even if you missed this year’s Expo, next year will be another chance to attend while on a safari in Uganda.

The Buganda Tourism Expo is one of the most interesting cultural Expos in Uganda and offers tourists with the chance of learning about the rich cultural Heritage and see the objects and tools such as Royal drums and the old cars of Ssekabaka Mutesa II.

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