Kampala City

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda popularly known as the city on many hills because it is spread over 10 hills. The name Kampala came out of a Kiganda saying, “Kasozi Kempala” meaning the hill for Antelopes.

Kampala was first started in about 1891 when the king of Buganda had his administrative centre on 2 hills in Kampala, they were Rubaga and Mengo hills which are still part of the city.

The town slowly grew and in 1950 it got a municipal status and in 1962 it officially became a city. Today the scene is still growing and can be seen from the hills surrounding it. It commands great views and excellent beauty though some time the view is disrupted by the tall profile of the modern city buildings that Kampala is proud of.
Tremendous charm

Kampala has got tremendous charms and remains the greenest in the whole of Africa. It is the central administrative centre of Uganda and a big commercial city for nearly all East and Central Africa.

The city centre is a modern metropolis adorned with attractive vegetation and surrounded with great parks. There are lots of hotels, restaurants and hostels for people who wish to visit the country. Kampala now has a good mix of people from all over the world and this has brought new varieties of food to Kampala.

Kampala is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, which make it a popular location for water sport activities and fishing. It is also a gate way to most of Uganda’s attractions like Safari parks, cultural sites and so on.

Explore Kampala

Kampala is not only the capital city of Uganda but also a heart of the country. This is where most of escorted Uganda tours start from. The city itself is blessed with many attractions including museums, historical places, administrative centers and business centres among others. Our Kampala city tour and day excursions are some of the most exciting activities for those interested in visiting urban tourist attractions in Uganda.  Kampala city tour over a variety of options and the trail you will choose will definitely satisfy your needs.

Cultural Tourism

Located at plot 54 Kiira road is the Uganda Museum offering a comprehensive cultural and historical collection of Uganda. A tour of Uganda Museum on your Kampala city tour will expose you to other departments like The Natural History of Uganda, Ethnography, Musicology, and archeology and Stone Age sites in Uganda are amazing. Nearby Uganda museum is the Uganda Wildlife Authority which is responsible for welfare of wild life in Uganda.

If you visit Kiira, Uganda Museum and UWA should be among your list of tourist attraction to visit. One needs at least three hours to tour this place.

Those interested in tracing its history, there is a trail starting from Old Kampala where the first Museum was establish before moving it to Makerere University and then to its current location just before Uganda Wildlife Authority offices along Kiira road.


Buganda Kingdom is the most recognized kingdom in Uganda with a lot to offer as far as tourim is concerned.  You can start with the Lubiri which is the ceremonial palace of the King of Buganda. To explore this palace one needs about two hours before visiting Kabaka’s Lake locally referred to as “Akayanja ka Kabaka” meaning King’s Lake.

Kabaka’s Lake

Kabaka’s lake is manmade in nature was aimed at connecting Lubiri with Lake Victoria since the King was tired of commuting from his palace to go to lake Victoria for swimming and canoeing. From Lubiri, you can then visit Mengo which is the parliament of Buganda.

Kasubu Tombs

Kasubi Tombs is a must visit for those that have time. It is the burial place for the kings of Buganda.

It was gutted by fire but rehabilitation is going on. Other burial sites are wamala tombs in Wakiso district and if one has time can connect the Buganda story by visiting Nagalabi in Buddo which is the official coronation site of Buganda Kingdom.

Other Places of Interest

Other places to visit in Kampala include

  • Nakasero market
  • Owino market renamed to Balikuddembe Market.


It is very exciting to discover how traders dealing in fruits, vegetables, food stuffs and other merchandize conduct business in a very congested place of work. Their hospitality is awesome confirming that Ugandan’s are indeed friendly people.

Religious Tourism

Cathedrals, Mosques and Temples:

Kampala is a country of many religious denominations. If interested in religion, come visit cathedrals on our Kampala city tour. Each cathedral is strategically located on a hill and these include, Namirembe cathedral, Rubaga Cathedral, Nsambya among others. Old Kampala and Kibuli Mosques have rich history attached to them. You are also free to visit Bahia temple if time allows.

Those interested in politics, you can visit the parliament of Uganda and those for shopping, Kampala offers many options inform of shopping malls.