The Ssese Islands

Ssese Islands is an archipelago of 84 islands that are distributed within Lake Victoria and but the popular ones include Bugala Island-the largest Island and is a tourism hub (haven for the African Grey Parrots and the virgin equatorial forest), Nsirwe Island that is popular for bird and spider breeding and Bukasa Island with spectacular Caves that shelters Buganda’s heritage and Nanziri falls. The Ssese Islands are perfect for honeymoon vacations and interesting activities such as bird watching, beach activities, camping and water sports among others. Other Islands include Bukele (famous for sheltering several birds and crocodiles), Kitobo, Buyala, Bubembe and Ruzira Islands among others.


Kalangala is a home to the magical Nanziri falls on Bukasa Islands that draws tourists from near and afar due to its breathtaking scenery. Hiking to this waterfalls rewards tourists with the views of this spectacular waterfalls and other attractions such as butterflies and birds among others.

Pristine sand beaches

There are several pristine beaches mainly within the Ssese Islands but the most magnificent ones include the Pearl garden beaches, Brovad Sands Lodge beaches, the Ssese habits resort, the Ssese Palm Beach resort, the Mirembe resort beach and the Ssese islands beach Hotel among others.

Religious sites

The Mapeera Church at Bugoma landing Site in Kalangala district is one of the most riveting cultural and religious sites worth exploring while on a safari in Kalangala district. This Site is where the two first catholic missionaries/evangelists-Brother Amans Delmas and Lourdel Mapeera first docked before proceeding with their mission. At this site is a monument and a church at the spot where these missionaries knelt down and prayed.

Cultural sites

One of the significant cultural sites in Kalangala district is Kalaya Cave which is believed to be the first settlement of the first native people of Kalangala district. Another site is the magnificent Luga forest which is said to be the place where the ceremonial stick/staff (scepter) for the ancient Baganda King named “Ddamula” is acquired and the mysterious Bubembe Island that is said to harbor the shrines of all the spirits of Buganda Kingdom.

The beautiful vegetation

This district is endowed with a verdant vegetation cover characterized by lush equatorial rainforests spiced up by the Palm trees that promote the Palm oil project on Bugala Islands. The forests offer shelter to a number of monkeys such as the Red-tailed monkeys and the black and white colobus monkeys, the Sitatungas, several snake species, numerous bird species, butterflies and crocodiles among others.

Bird Species

Kalangala district, especially the Islands offer shelter to several bird species. Nsirwe Island for instance is popular for numerous bird species including the migratory species of birds. However, the common bird species to look out for in the Islands include the Malachite Kingfishers, the African fish eagles, the egrets, the Pied Kingfishers, yellow weaverbirds and cormorants among others.

However, even with the beauty and magnificent attractions in Kalangala district, the place has not developed to its full potential in terms of tourism due to the insufficient transport infrastructure such as poor road network and the ferries connecting to the district are also not enough. The moment infrastructures are improved, tourism in Kalangala district will boom as expected.