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Kampala Hill or Old Kampala as it is commonly referred is bordered by Namirembe in west, Nakasero in east, Makerere in north & Mengo in south. The Kampala Hill is most often taken as the center point when calculating the distance of Kampala from other places.

Things to See in Kampala

  • Old Kampala Mosque
  • Buganda Museum
  • New Taxi Park

At one time considered to be the nucleus of the city, Kampala Hill rises 4,000 feet above the sea level. It is believed that before the British arrived in Kampala Hill, the area served as the favorite hunting ground for the King of Buganda. This is because the hill was rich with game housing a large population of Impala (African Antelope), which is why the British called the hill as the Hill of the Impala. Since the Luganda translation of this name comes to “Akasozi K’empala”,the place & the complete city eventually came to be known as Kampala.

A series of transitions across the years has given way to a perfect blend of commercial & residential areas. Today the Kampala Hill area features endless cafes, bars, restaurants, complexes, shops & motels. While many of the old buildings have been renovated, the same old architectural style continues to be followed to preserve the country’s heritage. Built atop the hill near the Old Kampala Mosque is the well preserved fort of a British soldier named Captain Frederick Lugard.

The neighborhood of Kampala Hill is buzzing with activity throughout the week, especially on the weekends. Thus, no matter which day or time of the year you choose to visit the place, you will always be welcomed by a host of activities & attractions.