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Namirembe Hill is one of the important seven hills on which the city of Kampala is built. Rising to 4,134 feet above sea level, the Namirembe Hill is bordered by Lungujja in the west & the Old Kampala in the east. The hill stands adjacent to Mengo Hill not just in terms of geography but also religiously & politically.
The Namirembe Hill gets its name from the Luganda word “Mirembe” loosely meaning “Full of Peace”. Legends suggest that the hill was the place where people gathered for celebrating either war victory or peace. Namirembe is also a commonly used name for girls in numerous Buganda clans.

Located in Namirembe is the St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was the seat of the main Anglican Church of Uganda until it shifted to All Saints Church in 1960. Ever since the religious wars ended in the 1890’s, the Anglican Faith has been the only religion with the closest association to the Buganda Monarchy.

Another landmark lying at the northwestern base of the hill, which adds to its significance, is the Kasubi Tombs, the official royal burial ground of Buganda. Bulange or the Parliament Building of Buganda is also located on Namirembe Hill & is connected to the Mengo Palace just across by a mile long straight road called Kabaka Anjagala Road. There is also a roundabout way to be used by ordinary travelers. However, since tradition forbids the king from using the roundabout way, there is an exclusive straight way for the Kabaka to move between the parliament building & the palace.