The governance of tourism in the Buganda kingdom is not ‘a one man’s fate’ but a team. From the top to the bottom lies a respectable and experienced team including volunteers and tourism site guardians.

The ministry is headed by the state minister who reports to the prime minister (Katikiro) and the Buganda Tourism Board (BTB), patroned by HRH. Sylivia Nagginda the Nabagereka of Buganda. Below this lies the Buganda Tourism Commission and the council chosen by the minister and the BTB.
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Prime minister Oweek. Francis Mayega

HRH. Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda, the patron of the Buganda Tourism Board.

Ritah Namyalo Kisitu, minister of state for tourism, Buganda government.

The Buganda Tourism Board, consisting 20 members from both within Uganda and in diaspora.

This is the major body in the ministry of tourism, its major role is to co-ordinate all tourism activities such as the Buganda Tourism Expo.

The Buganda Tourism Commission, consisting 10 members from within Uganda.

Though the commission is secondary, it is of a great importance in the ministry of tourism. However, they are the members of the Buganda Tourism Board who select among themselves the members of the commission.

Its major role is to handle specific but detailed aspects (concerns) of tourism in the kingdom.

The Buganda Tourism Council, consists of 18 members representing the counties (Amasazza) of Buganda. Their major role is push forth all the ministry’s plans, proposals and projects at a county-level. This is aimed at uplifting all the tourism attraction sites in all counties around Buganda.

The system further breaks down to clan leaders, volunteers and interested parties. It’s from these that the information is relaid to the general public.