Katikkiro is the title given to the Executive Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Buganda. He is the second most powerful person in Buganda Kingdom after the Kabaka (king) because he handles the day to day running of the government and he only reports to the Kabaka. Because of the authority vested in the Katikkiro, he is informally known as “Kabaka ow’ebweru” in Buganda, literally meaning the king from outside (the palace).


The Katikkiro is personally appointed by the Kabaka himself and he may not, like any other person appointed by the Kabaka in Buganda according to the culture, turn down the Kabaka’s appointment.


After the Katikkiro has been appointed, the official inauguration is another big ceremony held right outside the Kabaka’s Palace’s main gate known as Wankaaki. This is where the Kabaka officially hands the Katikkiro the instruments of power in this case the mace which is popularly known as Ddamula in Luganda.

The ceremony starts with the Kabaka calling out the newly appointed Katikkiro’s surname twice. The Katikkiro responds approaches his Kabaka who handles him Ddamula (mace) and gives officially assigns him the duty of helping him govern the Buganda Kingdom. On acceptance of the appointment, the Katikkiro, surrounded by his clansmen, walk to the Butikkiro (official residence of the Katikkiro) which according to Buganda’s arrangement is always located right outside the Kabaka’s palace.

Traditionally, if anyone from a clan other than the Katikkiro’s ever snatches the Ddamula (mace) from the him before he reaches the Butikkiro, that person would become the Katikkiro because he would have the Buganda instruments of power. Its for this reason that the Katikkiro is escorted by the strongest of his tribesmen to secure the the mace until it reaches Butikkiro to avoid losing the Katikkiroship to another clan. From Butuikkiro, the Katikkiro addresses the Kingdom and he commences his duties.