The Kingdom of Buganda lies among the top most regions deep in culture. Our culture extends far back in the 16th century implying a great deal of years of civilization in the kingdom.

Even though cultures differ, we strongly believe that ours is the easiest to adapt to. Find more about our culture below and feel comfortable when you reach here.

More About Our Culture

Ceremonial occasions

Find out about the most indestructible ceremonies organized in all clans in our kingdom.

Fashion and design

Some of our fashions are over 300 years old. Find out more about our dressing codes and styles, materials and so much more.

Food and Health

From the land gifted by natureā„¢ expect a variety of fresh foods. Find out about the kinds of food we have and how they are prepared.

Music, Dance and Drama

Music is part and parcel of our being, so we occasionally arrange for entertainers to our visitors. Find out about our traditional dances and songs.

Proverbs and sayings

What do we mean when we say …? Find out about the most common sayings, proverbs, adages and their meanings.