Buganda Kuntikko is a social & economic transformation campaign by the Katikkiro (prime minister) of Buganda Kingdom, Charles Peter Mayiga, aimed at improving the Kingdom and its citizens’ social and economic status. The phrase is in Luganda literally meaning “Buganda on top” which is to make Buganda the most prosperous of the rest of the kingdoms and regions in Uganda.
According to the Katikkiro’s plan, this campaign is to be implemented basing on five major points, which he usually refers to in Luganda as “ensonga ssemasonga ettaano” onto which all other programes are based.
The Buganda Kuntikko campaign was announced by the new Katikkiro soon after his inauguration where he requested the people of Buganda to join him in the campaign to transform Buganda. It was under the same announcement that he told the Kingdom that he, with his team, would personally pick the donations from where ever the well-wishers of Buganda would be which later became the famous ttoffaali campaign.