The Kingdom of Buganda harbors one of the best tourist attractions in Africa; ancient tombs, palaces, caves and wondrous natural attractions. This is the land with the most exciting people, hospitable, with humility and well mannered. On a tour through Buganda Kingdom, there are lots of amazing places to visit.

Top Attractions

The best tourism attractions in Buganda include;

The Royal Mile

The royal mile mainly comprises of the Lubiri palace and the Bulange parliament all located in Mengo. These two have magnificent architectural designs that please all the tourists who take a glance on them as they walk the royal mile learning about the unique Buganda culture.

The Kabaka’s Lake (locally known as Akayanja ka Kabaka)

This is a man made lake located in Ndeeba and it’s a home of some bird species. It’s the largest man made lake in Uganda which was created during the reign of the late king of Buganda Kabaka Mwanga II.

Namugongo martyrs shrine

This is one of the most outstanding tourism attractions in Buganda kingdom located in Wakiso district. Thousands of religious pilgrims flock the area every 3rd of June In commemoration of the Uganda martyrs who were burnt on the kings’ order because of their faith in Christianity. Monuments were put in place where believers especially Catholics go to pray every year. Various religious tourists embark on their journeys several days before the martyr’s day on foot. Some of them come from Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan and all Ugandan districts.

The Kasubi tombs

Located in kasubi hill, the tombs are a burial place for all the Buganda kings. The tombs were constructed using local materials; grass, poles and wattle. The tombs have great historical, cultural and spiritual importance to the Baganda because all the remains of their kings are laid there.